Preparing contracts

We provide services of preparing and analysing contracts, agreements and other documents containing:

  • Legislation nonconformity;
  • Impossibility to fulfill obligations;
  • Violating rights and interests of the interested party.

We also give recommendations on contracts’ optimisation, changing, improvement and excluding some points and terms to avoid fraud and false deals.

The more precise and correct is the contract, the less of risks that the deal will lead to real losses, not received profit, expenses on court examinations, etc.

Signing up unduly prepared contract may cause the following problems to the parties:

  • A contract may be recognized invalid;
  • Certain demands to annexes should be observed.

For example, the majority of contracts have correspondent annexes (documents or copies of documents confirming rights of contract parties (party), specifications, technical tasks, calculations, price-lists, contract price agreements, etc.), being integral parts of the contract. In practice, it happens, that unduly prepared annex caused deal invalid.

Contract may be considered non-concluded. In this case it has no legal consequences for the parties.

Contract may cause impossibility to obtain expected result from contractor not stipulated by contract or stipulated insufficiently.

Indeterminate controversies of parties will require considerable money and time expenses to be handled in some court authorities.

Contract may impose parties with unjustified taxation.

It should be considered that the contract may be read not only by parties, but also by controlling bodies’ employees.

So the contract should be prepared the way its text contained answers on all possible questions.

To avoid problems while the contract is prepared, we provide services either in preparing contract or in estimation of the existing one.

Our lawyers will help you to determine:

  • Contract type from the point of view of taxation optimization;
  • Contract form;
  • Specification of separate contract terms (confidentiality, force majeure, order of disputes’ settlement, etc.);
  • List of questions connected with contract performance specifics;
  • Parties’ responsibility in case of contract’s violation.

Our lawyers will help you to eliminate possible risks concluding contract with a counterpart, e.g.:

  • Investigate considerable deal’s aspects;
  • Make a list of financial and legal risks;
  • Offer improved contract’s edition to eliminate revealed risks.
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