Company evaluation

High quality of works, ability to perform the most difficult customers’ tasks in shortest terms - are our principal competitive advantages. That’s why our clients are both foreign and Ukrainian companies.

Company (business) cost estimation

Business cost estimation is usually based on company’s balance accounts while financial indices’ dynamics becomes a thing of the past.

  • Our customers pose us other problems:
  • To perform estimation studying in details all sides of business;
  • To determine company place in domain and region;
  • To determine technical potential and business perspectives;
  • To estimate competitors, possibility of merger or bankruptcy and to elaborate measures of their prevention.

All of these studies not only give business owner exact cost reasoning, but also transform business estimation into:

  • Company cost management mechanism;
  • Instrument to attract investment;
  • Instrument of target setting before top-managers and forming their motivation;
  • Communication instrument between owners.

Business estimation becomes more often its complicated model definition, requiring the most thorough marketing from appraiser, domain specific perception, study of foreign markets and analogues, knowledge of international financial accounting standards and foreign estimation practice.

Business cost estimation services may be supplemented to your desire with legal and audit services, business due diligence or legal services in companies’ (business) purchase and sale deals.

Debt value estimation

Market cost estimation of company payables and receivables. Estimation is resulted in your getting true market value of debts as per current date. Debt value estimation considers legal grounds of the debt appearance, debtor’s financial and legal condition, his position regarding paying debts, limitation term, planned maturity date, penalty or fine charges.

Debt value estimation services may be completed to your desire with legal services in repayment of receivables in legal order, protection of your interests, services in pre-trial adjustment of disputes.

Assets’ estimation to perform IFRS financial statements

Assets’ estimation to transfer financial statement from Regulations (Standards) on Accounting of Ukraine (R(S)AU) to IFRS.

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