HR paperwork ( HR audit)

Personnel accounting is an integral part of personnel management process.

Filling in work record books, preparing job descriptions, orders and other documents takes much time possible to be spent on resolving questions strategically important for the company.

The Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” offers

  • Personnel accounting supporting/conducting;
  • Restoration and keeping personnel documentations according to the Ukrainian legislation;
  • Drawing up orders about staff appointment or dismissal;
  • Entering changes to the work record books;
  • Preparation of labour contracts;
  • Creation of job descriptions and personnel schedule;
  • Preparation of internal personnel documentation (working hours accounting, internal company procedures, bonus system);
  • Survey of holidays and sick-lists;
  • Legislative base monitoring;
  • Consultations on Ukrainian labor legislation.

Personnel audit (check of personnel documentation)

The Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” performs personnel accounting check, analyzing all personnel documents not only by fact of their availability, but also by their correspondence to the demands of Ukrainian labor legislation.

As a result of check we’ll help to make order and correct mistakes.

Your advantages

  • No need to hire additional employees;
  • Decrease of financial and other risks;
  • Free time on strategically important tasks’ decision;
  • Personnel administration process and salary calculation are united into one technological chain;
  • Duly created personnel documents protect responsibility of company officials.
HR paperwork ( HR audit) - АФ «Главбух-аудит» №1