Audit for Owners

The main goal of company audit is formation of independent opinion about company fair view, profit allocation, relevancy of expenses, etc.

Audit of company or enterprise is performed as a rule by owner’s initiative. According to the Civil and Economical Codes of Ukraine audit company may perform functions of the enterprise’s revision commission.

By owner’s desire we may also perform:

  • Audit of financial statements’ separate components;
  • Audit of complying contract terms;
  • Other types of special purpose audit.

As a result of audit are issued:

  • Auditor’s conclusion;
  • Recommendations to management regarding questions under check;
  • Company liquidity;
  • Solvency of an enterprise;
  • Confirmation of financial reporting;
  • Company financial and business activity analysis;
  • Recommendations on improvement and strengthening position at the Ukrainian market.
Audit for Owners - АФ «Главбух-аудит» №1