Tax and law consulting

It often happens that company needs to get answer on specific question or to make an optimal decision having contradictions in normative documents. In such cases the Audit Company “Glavbuh-Audit” offers operative written consulting in question-answer form.

Consulting services are provided to the following subjects:

Taxes and accounting:

  • Reflecting trade operations in accounting and reporting according to the Ukrainian legislation;
  • Assessment and payment of taxes, fees and other necessary payments according to the legislation of Ukraine;

Economic, labor and taxation law:

  • Legal consulting;
  • Preparing trade and working contracts;
  • Establishing company personnel accounting;
  • Company actional work;
  • Сollection of receivables.

Responses are provided with references on normative documents on “Glavbuh-Audit” company blank.

Oral consulting is provided only for companies using “Glavbuh-Audit” company services by subscription.

Tax and law consulting - АФ «Главбух-аудит» №1