Legal services

Legal services are connected with ability to look for, estimate correctly and use productively advanced knowledge in the domain of law, finances and accounting.

Legal services, law and representation in court:

  • Leqal support of current economic activity;
  • Leqal support of investment projects and big deals;
  • Leqal support of financing;
  • Legal support of holding companies creation, separation and liquidation of legal entities, affiliates and representations;
  • Due diligence;
  • Legal protection of your interests in arbitration courts and representation in pre-trial disputes.

Legal support of current economic activities:

Optimal scenario and scheme of your company economic activity working out including:

  • Internal economic activity;
  • External economic activity;
  • Contractual relationship schemes with suppliers, buyers and other partners;
  • Contract relations with employees;
  • Legal activity riscography and risk minimization;
  • Legal protection of company activity;
  • Debt collection and provision for losses.

Working out scenario transforms consequently into creation of documents and “road-maps” describing consequence of actions of separate persons.

Legal support of investment projects and big deals.

It’s an investment scheme legal estimation with profound analysis of investment return to the investor and ownership rights of newly created assets.

Legal analysis of investment project’s document and relevant deals. Creation of missing documents: business-plans, investment memorandums, address investment offers, investment project itself, projects of administrative documents.

Legal support is provided in the domains of civil, taxation, corporate, currency, custom, land and labour laws.

Legal support of financing.

Group represents its clients’ interests in questions connected with credit resources obtaining/providing for:

  • Development;
  • Investment projects’ financing;
  • Purchase/lease of equipment;
  • Leasing;
  • Project financing.

Working out credit contract (loan contract), procedure of pledge professional estimation is performed and structure of repayments is developed. Distribution of risks influencing loan collection system is studied. If any circumstances preventing perform of financial duties appear, loan is restructured and his forms are changed.

Legal support of holding creation, separation and liquidation of legal entities, affiliates and representations.

Statutory documents’ preparation and analysis; preparing contracts of division, accession, merging, legal entities' creation; regulations of affiliates and representations.

Preparation of projects, necessary decisions of client’s governing authorities, client’s interests representation while passing state registration of legal entities, entering changes to the statutory documents, other corporative actions. Legal support of registration (including cooperation with tax authorities, antimonopoly bodies, federal executives at the securities market), including legal entities’ creation and liquidation, affiliates and foreign legal entities representatives’ accreditation.

Preparation of documents necessary for emission of securities, legal support of state registration report on securities.

Group elaborates corporative schemes of international holdings and investment funds creation considering active norms of foreign countries corporate and taxation law and regulations to avoid double taxation.

Due Diligence – company check with due diligence.

Complex check of Ukrainian companies while their purchase or acquiring shares by foreign companies and/or national investors followed by preparation of overall report. Complex check includes legal analysis, audit and inventory of the most considerable assets, assets’ market value, manager’s recommendations.

Legal protection of your interests in arbitration courts and representation in pre-trial disputes.

Legal analysis of disputable situations with contractors or state authorities, framing legal position, strategy and tactics of dispute settlement.

Preparing primary allegations, appeals, supervisions and other procedurals.

Protection of your interests at out-of-court disputes solution and during judicial sittings. Concluding amicable agreements.

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