Participation in associations

DFK International
Audit firm “Glavbuh-Audit” is a member of the international association of auditors and tax consultants DFK International.
DFK International is a leading international association of independent audit and consulting companies protecting interests of its clients in many countries for more than 50 years. It counts 345 offices worldwide.
DFK International enters top 10 of the world biggest international associations of auditors and tax consultants.
The activity of participants DFK International on servicing the needs of local and international clients is based on strong reputation of the member companies DFK International in their own national markets and quick access to the knowledge and experience of specialists and other resources for customer service on a global scale. The formation of transnational groups is often practiced to perform international tasks. Thus, through the use of the best practice examples and professional skills we completely satisfy the client’s needs.
Member firms DFK International are leading auditors, tax consultants, specialists on transactions of companies’ purchase-sale, IFRS, whereby the activity of member firms of DFK International was appreciated by the supervisory bodies and investment institutions in London, New York, Paris, Frankfurt and Hong Kong.
DFK International has an excellent reputation among the business community, audit and expert assessments of DFK International are recognized by all international financial institutions.
The advantage of the AF “Glavbuh-Audit” is the knowledge and international experience, which is especially important for Ukrainian companies aspiring to enter the international market. In this case, “Glavbuh-Audit” helps Ukrainian companies to transform reporting to international accounting standards and helps to promote the business in any country of the world by using partners in any country of the world.